SGC Cosmotech Illuminating Essence - SGCCOSMOTECH
SGC Cosmotech Illuminating Essence - SGCCOSMOTECH

SGC Cosmotech Illuminating Essence

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Our unique and innovative skin glowing product that uses complete extraction technology of the best natural anti-aging ingredients. It protects the skin from irritation, breakouts, and smoothens the skin. It also enhances skin elasticity, improves the luminosity and glow of skin immediately, providing a great instant "pick me up" for tired-looking skin.



Silky and fast-absorbing, our illuminating essence features a potent formula that contains the highest concentration of active ingredients. Our essence are made to fit perfectly on your skin to smooth out any wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. It creates a microclimate on your skin to help with hydration and healing. Ideal for any time of the day



The unique, high-performance formulation of naturally derived ingredients enhances skin’s elasticity, diminishes fine lines and delivers an intense boost of hydration to help prevent premature aging. It also helps to moisturize and stimulate cell turnover, yielding a dramatic improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance.

Size: 15ml