The True Definition of Anti Aging Skincare

“What is anti-aging skincare?”

“When to start anti-aging skincare routine?”

These are just a sample of what is searched for when it comes to the sector of the beauty industry that is the giant of anti aging.

By definition, “anti aging” refers to a product or technique that is designed to prevent the appearance of getting older. Such products claim to work with the promise to fill fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate dark spots, and promote healthy cell renewal. But what doesn’t work? The term anti aging itself. It’s literally against aging.

Two years ago, Allure magazine rocked the beauty industry with the ban of this almost derogatory term. While some found the decision unnecessary, the majority found it timely, positive and most of all, encouraging. Since then, many brands and publications have followed suit.

Here at SGC Cosmotech, we strive to be innovative. While the skincare and beauty industries have been so caught up in dividing their products by type (oily skin, acne-prone skin, mature skin, etc), they missed the opportunity to fill the void that SGC Cosmotech has filled, which is that of natural adaptive skincare technology.

This approach enables your skin to pull exactly what it needs, when it needs it from our products. We use the latest bio-technology to create products to respond to your skin chemistry, the environment, genetics, and even nutrition. Incorporating eight powerful complexes, these nourish, repair, and protect your body’s largest organ, the skin. ALL DONE BY NATURAL INGREDIENTS.

We know that the act of aging is inevitable, but we also believe that it’s not a process that should be feared. Do we have products that are capable of making you look and feel your best, at any age? Of course we do, but they do so in a way that is unique to your aging process, and can celebrate your individual needs rather than tear you down about getting older. So long are the days of buying a different product for each passing year and the beauty “woes” that come with them. Our products are scientifically proven to adapt to your skincare needs as they change throughout the seasons, and throughout your life.